Venue hiring and firing…

Anyone who knows me well, knows I don’t like getting drawn into negativity or bad feeling. Admittedly, I would rather avoid conflict in most situations too. However, I did say when I started this blog that I would be honest at all times and share all sides of the music industry coin with you. I guess it’s of no benefit to other people if I only share the glossy stuff. I’m thinking that a little ‘grumble’ of the week feature might be a suitable tag name for posts like these. My grumble today has been the lack of response to my enquiries about possible gig dates and venue suitability.

I am planning a number of tour dates in Ireland for September/October this year and I want to be prepared. I have to build on my audience, save for the costs of venue hire, band expenses etc. Booking these dates late Summer is not an option for me. I am actually shocked at how slow or how absent the information is getting back to me. Given that it is my job to fill the venue, pay the band and of course pay the venue, I really am gobsmacked that venues especially in Ireland are not on the ball at returning emails with regards to possible business. Now before anyone jumps on the bandwagon, I know that not all venues are suitable for some acts, not all acts are big enough or experienced enough for some of the more sought after venues. I understand booking guys and girls are dealing with a lot of emails and phone calls but I always allow for that. It’s when days roll into weeks and 1 email or call rolls into 2 or 3 and still no response. And surely, a little bit of manners is all it takes to reply to an artist or band just to tell them they are not suitable for the venue or the dates are unavailable.

For me as an artist that works extremely hard on preparing a schedule, I expect that I don’t have to chase people that much to book or at least develop some correspondence with them. It gets to a point where I make the decision that I don’t want to deal with that venue anymore. Surely in a time when we are all working hard to make the music industry work, an artist or band that is prepared to put money into touring and hiring a venue that THEY have the responsibility of filling, should be met with enthusiasm or at least interest and at the very least with information. Grumble over…

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  1. Belinda says:

    Same !! Maybe a Booking agent has better luck ?

    1. Possibly.. but business is business at the end of the day!!

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