As the magic happens…


Every day I read posts or status updates from many other songwriters about the songs they are writing and working on, or the ones they are struggling to finish,  or even the ones they have written the music for but not the lyrics. I often feel like the little kid in the corner by themselves because I don’t write in what appears to be a regular routine or common method that I recognise in other songwriters and it leads me to question the pros and cons of my own approach.

The truth is I find it nearly impossible to write just randomly about anything. My mind needs to be in a space that is open and clear and I need to feel passionate about the subject I am writing about. If you came and asked me to write a song about an event in your life, I would come up with a song no problem. I also wouldn’t have any problem producing a relatively decent song if pushed to do it but it would be missing one essential ingredient – conviction and for me conviction can essentially make the difference between a song being great and a song being brilliant. So, as a songwriter it has been an instinctive course of action not to write unless I have that unexplainable energy. It’s an energy that is right in the pit of my stomach, a bit like the feeling you get when you are excited or nervous about something. It’s an energy that makes me feel very much at one with the piano as though my body and my piano are whole and they just communicate on exactly the right level for a couple of hours or if I’m lucky over a couple of days. My head naturally tilts to the right or left, which is a little odd I know and something special happens.

I feel that way today and I wanted to share it as it was happening. It has been a part of my songwriting life that has been missing a lot with so much emphasis and time on the business side and managing all the events. But over the last few days, I found myself very much in a reflective space and now the songwriter in me is ready to come out and make some new music! It may only last a few hours or I may have this energy and drive for a while, fingers crossed. Hopefully between now and the next time I post in ‘Showtime’, there will be a new arrival 🙂



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  1. pwradio says:

    I look forward to hearing the results.

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