‘In the club’ – A dance music experiment!


Deadmau5 – A little bit of inspiration for this project..

Yesterday I had my first experience of laying down vocal ideas on a club track. I am a big fan of club music but have never really explored writing it or even collaborating on it. A few weeks ago I got a message from a DJ in Holland, who had found me on ‘Labbler’ and thought my vocal style might suit his tracks. So, we agreed to do a little experimenting and he sent me a couple of tracks he had without any vocals on them and it was my job to come up with lyrics and melody.

For me, it was important surround myself completely in the style of music I was writing for a few days beforehand, just to be in that space and to take on the role of a vocalist in this genre. I listened to a lot of ‘Deadmau5’ and really got into it. So my ears have been thumping behind my beats for a couple of days and it’s been a fun experience. The approach I took was to put myself in the position of the audience and try to imagine how they might respond to the track. I also really examined the feel of the track, it’s progression, it’s texture and tone and I built some lyrics around all of those factors.

I worked on the track in Offaly with a good friend of mine Derek who has built his own home studio and it was also a little bit of an adventure on his part too. We spent a lot of time breaking down the way in which I sang the lyrics to really ensure it became one with the track as though both parts were built into each other rather than two separate parts!

The thing that struck me the most was the way in which this style of music is all about layering and building, re-building, breaking down etc. It was a great start to a style of music that I really hope to do a lot of. In the meantime, we have to tidy up on yesterdays recordings, send off to the DJ in Holland and hope what we did ticks the majority of the boxes for him. If not, I will enjoy the next experiment and writing experience and hopefully learn the methods and formulas for being a good vocalist for dance/club music and maybe even experiment writing some tracks myself!!

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