‘Lyons Tea’, Mondays and lists…

A typical day in the life of a full time singer/songwriter you’d imagine would start with lots of songwriting followed by lots more songwriting followed by organising a few gigs etc etc..

Well, I hope to one day describe a typical day as exactly that but for just under 3 years now its been a little different!!! It starts like most people’s with the alarm going off and then snoozing. Being my own boss obviously affords me the luxury of deciding how many times I press that snooze button. I learned pretty quickly that taking advantage of that control only ends up in feelings of laziness, poor work effort and bad self discipline so I get up like most people round 8am and get started into my work at 9pm. If I have been gigging the night before I might allow myself an extra hour or two!

I then proceed by plugging in the laptop and in my diary I make a list of things that need doing! (This naturally includes house stuff like utility bills, payments etc) I believe my teaching years especially 3 years of Junior Infants has taught me to be be very organised and practical. Oh before this, I will usually pop a little update or post on my Facebook page and on Twitter! They just become such a part of daily working life. It’s the equivalent of ‘filing’ as you go.

Once I have my head straight on what needs doing, I get stuck into it. Every day is completely different in terms of the items on that list, which I love. I love variety and changing things around. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me interested.

So as an example, today’s list includes preparation for workshops I am giving to a group of St.Pats students in Dublin to help them with music planning for their teaching practice. It’s a great way for me to stay connected to education and earn money as I do it! Also on my list is to finish writing lyrics for a dance music track. I also have to organise my first ‘mini tour’ of 2013 which I have scheduled for June! It’s important to me to get to London in the next month or two so I need to get some events organised for that too. I would absolutely love to busk on the London underground so I need to apply for that!!

Obviously other things crop up throughout the day and I just have to prioritise as I go! In the afternoon I will go and teach piano for about 5 hours so its all go.

Thank God for blue skies too. It really makes a difference to getting up and keeping motivated!! And as for ‘Lyons Tea’… As I reach for my second cup in under 1 hour!!! Till next time..


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  1. eikenlaan says:

    Sinead, a track that people can walk or jog to might be a good idea, many are trying hard to be healthy at this time of year so to have a good beat to move to is really important. Maire x

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