‘Northern Borders’ – In memory of a great soul, gone too soon..

I attended the wake of a young man who I had never met. I attended it with someone who did know him and thought a great deal of him. For some reason, I was really affected by his passing. Perhaps that was the fact that every time I heard his name mentioned, it was mentioned in such good spirit and with great respect. I was a little nervous attending his wake, not knowing any of his family or his friends but on my way there, I was just lost in thought for him and here are those thoughts..

Traveling northern borders and back over them again

Spring turning to Summer on a long May weekend

Many songs have been written of the places we pass

Many troubled times engraved on coloured paths

Our road continues north though it’s end is in the south

I never got to meet you, now I’m visiting your house

The ‘Hills of Donegal’ a song you sang with pride

Their beauty lines our route as though they’re on our side

Knowing what’s ahead and the sorrow that we’ll see

The hills of Donegal embrace all that we feel

I heard your name a lot and likewise you heard mine

Today I’ll say hello to you, rather than say goodbye

I thank you for the journey that you’ve brought me on

Inspiring this poem and soon to be a song


Now that we’ve met in your most welcoming home

Set by the sea with a beach of your own

Your brothers and sisters so strong in their grief

Your mother so lost in an aching disbelief

Her youngest of seven with the spring in his shoes

Resting in peace in her front room

She spoke about her heartache missing your big smile

As her fork scraped the plate with the neighbour’s shepherds pie

Brownies and scones, marshmallow crispy buns

The sweetness of the gifts to ease the sadness for their son

I can’t say I’ll miss you for we only have just met

It’s the people I said goodbye to that never will forget

Thank you for this visit to a place I never knew

A place I will return to and always think of you

Traveling northern borders and back over them again

I wish I’d known you better, I wish I’d been your friend

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sinead, That is such a beautiful poem, every human can relate too,well donexx

    1. Thanks Bernie.. It was inspired by a great person..

  2. Helena says:

    lovely piece well said!

  3. eikenlaan says:

    Beautiful Sinead, evocative, really felt every word. Maire x

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