The Picnic’s Off… Roll With It!!

On a weekend that I had marked so deliberately in the diary with huge capital letters and a yellow highlighter pen with the words ELECTRIC PICNIC, I instead find myself on a bus to Dublin for an appointment at the passport office. The only experience of EP that I’m getting today is the Twitter and Facebook updates!!

Flashback to last May when I was jumping around with the news that I was finally going to EP after all the years of hoping to get there. Not only was I going to it, but I was going as a performer. I told all my friends and followers and even the local newspaper wrote about it. It didn’t bother me either that I would be performing as a musician within a band ‘Conor Quinn and The White Chalk’ (see previous blog posts) rather than as a solo artist. A weekend pass to Electric Picnic and an opportunity to perform is a great one whatever role you play when you are there.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have worked hard for the last few years getting my own music out there and I have learned that you should grab opportunities that come along with both hands. When the opportunity came along to be part of an exciting new band, I grabbed it because I heard the music, I met the people and I wanted to give it a go. It was also good to take myself out of my comfort zone and my own music style and see what I could learn. However, things didn’t work out for me despite many months of rehearsals and travelling the road to Mullingar from Dundalk and at the beginning of August I made a very difficult decision to leave the band.

The purpose of this post is not sour grapes or bitterness but rather to highlight the fact that the music industry is incredibly shallow and fickle and as Liam Gallagher once said, “you gotta roll with it”. It is an industry fuelled by music and filled with ego. Being soft and delicate in your approach to it is the wrong way to go about it but sometimes there are some things that don’t feel right and you just have to cut your losses. It’s a fact about the industry I work in that I really don’t mind. It doesn’t put me off working in it once I know that’s how it is.. I don’t regret anything either about my time in the band, although a little disappointed not to be at the festival. I tried something different and put a lot of faith and work into it but in the end it wasn’t for me. So for this weekend only the picnic’s off!! In the meantime, the songs are coming out of my every pore and I’m feeling very creative. There are two more single releases on their way from me before the end of the year. Any of you at EP, have a drink on me and enjoy the buzz x

“I think the second you feel you’ve gotten somewhere, you’re nowhere.” Michael Goldstone, VP A&R, Epic Records

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