‘Just For Today’ Lego Animation Music Video

Last year I met a lovely young family from my town. Their Dad had only just passed away and wanted me to know that my music had been a great source of enjoyment and comfort for them. It was such a bittersweet introduction. I met them at the grounds of the church for the first time, just as the funeral was leaving the church to go to the graveyard. I promised them there and then that I would visit them and perhaps play some music with them. We met a few months later and spent an evening together having great fun and even jammed together. They showed me their Lego animations and I was really amazed at the standard and the work that went into their productions.

Fast forward nearly 12 months later and I have this absolutely gorgeous Lego animation video for a song they chose off my EP ‘Just For Today’. I am so proud to have my music part of this. We released it on the 20th January and all proceeds from the sale of the song go to an Irish charity for depression called ‘Aware’. I hope you enjoy it and please take time to read their story in the video description! Thanks, Sinead

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