Do these briefs fit?

Do these briefs fit?

I was recently asked to pen a song for an Irish company, more about which will be revealed soon! However, I did want to share my thoughts on writing to a brief, something I have not generally done, certainly not at this level and with a lot of responsibility attached.

I genuinely wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. It actually scared me to be so deliberate in my writing processes. Not just in lyrical content – that had to match the company ethos and standards, even their name had to be included but also in musical direction, style, tempo etc whilst taking into account the target market and of course the company values and presentation.

Even as I was presenting the first draft of the song to the client, I was unattached, not convinced I had done a good enough job. Looking at it now, it’s clear that it was down to the fact that it was so far removed from where I am as an artist and how I’m used to writing and producing that I couldn’t find an attachment with it. I also more importantly realise now that I didn’t need to. I didn’t need to love it or feel a special bond, it just needed to fit the brief and whilst work on the song is still ongoing, I’m feeling much more confident about it’s ability to fit in with the company.

I also learned one more very valuable thing throughout this project… The fact that the song is not stylistically or lyrically representative of ‘me’ is a wonderful thing. The freedom in that is amazing. In the studio, I put my corporate hat on and looked at it from the outside in and not the inside out if that makes sense. Listening back to it now as it’s in the final stages, I am incredibly proud of producing something totally not me at all! It’s really great fun and whatever comes to be of this song, I will have very fond and enjoyable memories of putting it together. In fact, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a songwriting aspect of me that I didn’t discover before, possibly didn’t even believe it was there and that’s a buzz if ever there was one!

Now to see if it fits the brief… Watch this space 🙂

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