“By those arcade lights, I sailed away that night”… #songsisters #fionabevan #kallavelle #amazing

So last Sunday morning my alarm went off at 4.30am and off I went to Dublin airport to catch a plane to London. I was on my way to Brighton to attend a songwriting masterclass hosted by two UK based female songwriters ‘Fiona Bevan’ and ‘Kal Lavelle’ after discovering that they were on their ‘Songsisters’ tour of the UK. Not only were they performing on the tour each night, bringing in local female artists and guests at each venue but they were also giving other female songwriters a chance to meet with them and chat about songwriting, the music industry and all things related at a special masterclass ahead of each gig.

For me, it was a no-brainer to get myself over the pond to attend one of their events. As much as I love my little village of Knockbridge and Ireland in general, it can be a lonely little existence at times as a songwriter! Buying my ticket to go and be a part of this event was very exciting, knowing I was going to be surrounded by other girls and women working for the love of their craft. More often than not, I have to explain my songwriting lifestyle to most people, (understandably) but just sitting in that room that afternoon as Fiona, Kal and their guest Stephanie spoke, I knew they ‘got it’, their difficulties were my difficulties too, their concerns the same as mine and the love for what they do, equally the same. So it was a real breath of fresh air to have that space and time to just let it all out and have extremely gifted and successful independent ladies remind you that mistakes are there to be made and not to worry about them, to learn from putting yourself out of your comfort zone and to create whatever it is you want especially if it is not already out there! Everything they said reminded me of conversations I regularly have with myself but it was good to hear them out loud!

Later that evening, I returned to the venue to hear the girls perform along with Stephanie O’Brien and Emily Baker. (See links below) The whole evening was captivating. I genuinely felt transported somewhere else.. The combination of the stunning performances, the warmth of the evening in such a beautiful sea-side city and giving myself this lovely opportunity to be alone and just listen, absorbing that magic that exists when artists put themselves out there, sharing their thoughts and melodies and just doing what they love. I practically ran out of the venue when the gig was over to grab a pen and paper and write, such was the impact that the gig and the encouragement had on me. (Although I made sure not to leave without a CD from each artist) and everytime I listen to those CD’s, I’ll be reminded of the night I wrote ‘Ship Street’ and the night that a lot of musical colours came back to life for me.. Thanks so much to Fiona Bevan, Kal Lavelle, Stephanie O’Brien and Emily Baker for a lovely evening. Here’s a little a link to a little chorus snippet of ‘Ship Street’! Enjoy x

Ship Street Clip – Soundcloud

“By those arcade lights, I sailed away that night

On melodies that glistened in the haze,

To Ship Street I will go, when love is lost or low

I’ll sip on wine and dance in Summer shoes, that’s what I’ll do”

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