So I officially look like the back of a bus!!! :) #sRated #MatthewsArts


I genuinely don’t know where to start!!!! Since seeing my bus advert for the first time last night, my feet feel like they haven’t touched the ground. I’ve known about the ad since last Summer when I started working on the #MatthewsArts Showcase Initiative with and despite knowing what the design looked liked and that it was going on to the back of a Matthews bus from the 7th May, it took until I was standing right beside it, getting photos taken that the enormity of it all sunk in!

It’s just surreal.. This has all happened as a result of writing the first company song for and the project just keeps growing into something more and more special. Every six months, another artist will win a spot on the bus showcasing what they do, whether it’s pottery or jewellery making etc. It’s a brilliant initiative and deserves to be really celebrated. I am so proud to be the first artist on the bus even if it means being told I look like the back of a bus 😉


Credit also goes to Martin McElligott photography for the wonderful shot, Element Design for the incredible graphic design and Euro Antiques and Collectibles Dundalk for the lend of the beautiful chair! Also to Coyles Graphics Monaghan for the wrap!!


‘MATTHEWS TAKE YOU THERE’ – My first company song!! #sRated


So after months and months of waiting to share the news with you, I can finally reveal that I have written my first ever company song for Irish transport and tour operator!!!


I was delighted that at the end of 2013 Paddy Matthews CEO of the company, asked me to write a song for them. I was a little scared to be honest, simply because of the nature of the song he wanted. It had to showcase the company services and sentiments and also include the company name. Now, as anyone who writes songs or poems know.. rhyme whether it’s in your face or barely recognisable, some words are nearly impossible to use. The vibe and momentum of the word and how it moves and fits into the song and with the music is also a massive factor. Anyways, without boring you, the point is that ‘Matthews’ is a very difficult word to fit into a lyrical sentence!! 🙂 I wrote a blog post at the time describing my experience of writing to brief, which you can read here:

But I decided to give writing the company song a shot and after a few days of pulling my hair out and revisiting lots of different ideas, Matthews Take You There finally came together!! It is being launched on May 7th in Dundalk in conjunction with the company’s 20th anniversary, alongside another project that I have worked on with called the ‘Matthews Arts Showcase’ and it deserves a whole blog post of it’s own, which will be posted soon!

Matthews Take You There Song and Video

Website Revamp!! #sRated

With everything that’s happening at the moment, including a whole new outlook on the music end of things, it was inevitable that my little personal space on the world wide web badly needed a revamp!! I bought my .ie and .com webspace back in 2012 when I launched my debut EP ‘10,000’ and Ross at Electric Kiwi designed the site for me. I called on Ross again this time round as he is super efficient and I love the looks he creates.. He spends time getting to know what it is his clients and customers do and works on creating something that really suits them!

So within a matter of days, after I supplied some content and imagery, it was all done and dusted. From this, we will build a site with different pages but for now, hope you like the new and improved site!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.22.10