Ireland AM – ‘My Silent Night’, the premonition!

On Thursday the 7th of November I was interviewed by Karen Koster and Ciara Doherty on Ireland AM about ‘My Silent Night’. It was the interview I had been visualising for weeks in my head. In fact, I had already gone and bought something to wear to it, two weeks before I got a call from a producer to invite me on. A bit presumptuous you may say? I like to think of it as the perfect premonition. I just knew. I don’t know how, I just did.

From the initial contact, made by a researcher and then to the producers and presenters, I couldn’t have been in kinder hands. They really looked after me and interviewed me with great sensitivity and care. I was one of thousands of guests that have appeared on the show but I felt like me being there mattered. I was so nervous but managed not to let emotions get the better of me. I always knew there would be things I wouldn’t get to say, such is the nature of a live, pacey television slot but I was happy with the points I did make and hoped that I reached out to people who were going through the same emotions.

A huge thank you to Alannah, Katriona, Karen and Ciara at Ireland AM.

Watch my interview on Ireland AM here:



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