When nature didn’t do what I expected it to do…

Somewhere along the IVF road, I became intrigued by processes in nature as a result of my own body ‘not doing’ what I expected it to do. I became distinctly aware of how nature in general has been devastatingly affected by the way we have lived over the past number of decades.

I connected with people who wrote about impacts of our environment on fertility and health and eventually that led me to the ‘bigger picture’. I listened to people who are out there trying to raise alarm bells, trying to stop the destruction of the natural world and I was shocked by what I read and heard.

I know this is heavy duty stuff, not the sort of messages people want to say coming up on their timelines. Life is hard as it is but we cannot bury our heads in the sand. Rather than feeling hopeless in this doom and gloom, we have to communicate and connect with one another. Teach and inspire each other and come together. ♥️

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