Studio Stings and Stairways – #sRated

As I typically do on a recording day, I made myself late with excitement. Yesterday was my first day back in the studio since last December to build some content for online marketing, demo a new track and get the ball rolling on what’s coming up for release in the next few months!! Days in the studio remind me of the days in primary school when I waited months for the school tour to come around, planning my outfit and the filling for my sambo’s and of course collecting money to spend on sweets and presents in the novelty shop at the end of the tour! With all that prepared, I’d wake up way too early and spend the morning flapping around with excitement only to realise I had just five minutes to be at the school gates, dressed, washed and packed!!


After a delayed start, we got cracking on stings for It’s a bit surreal hearing my music on their radio ads that are currently running on LMFM and NorthernSound but I am so proud everytime I hear the ads come on! After that, we made a showreel of a selection of the music I have recorded and released to date, which is really handy to have for online marketing and showcasing my work up to now. It’s actually lovely to hear short snippets of the songs back to back and reminds me how much work has gone on up to this point in my career. I’d advise any artist to do that just for a little boost as well as it being a very useful soundbyte.

Finally we worked on a demo of a song that I have co-written with a girl in America who I have never met personally but we connected online and decided to try working together. The song is called ‘Standing Right Here’. Lynda wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music. It’s exciting working out of my comfort zone. The song is not something I would write for myself or sing myself so I’m working in a very different way, quite a methodical way asking questions like what sort of vocalist would suit the sentiment of the track, what genre will it sit into best, where do we position it etc.

First thing I did was put down the guide piano track. Played it fairly well and thought, that didn’t take long, I’m happy with that only for Martin the studio engineer and producer to tell me that my intro came pretty close to being a rip off of Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven both melodically and in chord sequence! Well that was the end of that intro and it was a case of re-writing on the spot. I was more annoyed with myself for not spotting the similarities! A risky little business this songwriting is!!

Other than that near miss, it was great to be back in my own little sweet shop and of course now I have the bug back so badly that I’m just waiting on confirming my dates to record a new track for release in October/November. I’ll leave you with the track that I had a very close shave with.. Enjoy and chat soon!

Stairway to Heaven




Instead of my ramblings today, I have decided to share #GoIndie – a blog that shares the thoughts of a selection of Indie’s like myself. It’s a very positive contribution and I think it’s very important to encourage this kind of space. The independent music world is fast becoming such a vibrant and busy environment and I believe that some really incredible successes are on the cards across this new generation of music makers. I really hope to see lots more from #GoIndie

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to ‘Showtime’. A blog that I hope to post in most days about life and the adventures of a 4foot 11inch piano playing singer/songwriter. I will be as honest as possible at all times and share with you the highs and lows of a career in the music and entertainment industry! At this very moment in time, I work completely independently and manage all events, releases etc myself.


A doodle of me!

A doodle of me!

A six year old girl gave me this sketch as a present one day when she came for her piano lesson. As I have bright red hair, I’m sure that explains her choice of colour. As for the giant sized head, I hope that’s a sign that she believes I have lots of information stored in there!!! 🙂 In a nutshell, my ambition is to have a succesful career as a songwriter and performer. I am also very passionate about music education but my priority at the moment is to make my music known around the world so I can continue to put bread and butter on the table. At the moment I make my money mostly from cover gigs and teaching piano. I have also started to make money from royalties, mostly radio play. So, the plan for 2013 is to use all I’ve learned since I started out in 2010 and continue to build on it.

The title of the blog comes from a song I wrote in 2011 about being finally ready in life to get on that ‘stage’ and do what I love to do. “This is my showtime, going to take it and make it mine.”

Please take a seat and let me entertain you..