‘Dance With Me’ in Greece!! #sRated

Dance With Me in Greece!

Dance With Me in Greece!

Every so often I hear of couples who have chosen ‘Dance With Me’ for their wedding ceremony or reception. This week, I know of a couple who got married in Greece and chose it as a song for their ceremony. Things like that blow my mind a little. It’s a song I wrote in 2009 and officially released it in 2011. It did very well on it’s release getting lots of airplay on stations throughout Ireland as well as getting a live interview on The Morning Show on TV3 and a slot on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1. A lot of the appeal was that Ireland was pretty much in a depressed state and there is a lot of love and hope in the song.. “through the darkness we’ll find our way back into the light.”

Dance With Me Official Music Video

The song is very personal to me and it’s lovely to be able to share it in a way that it becomes a very special part of another person’s life and especially on a day as important and significant as a wedding day. I am really honoured that it has this way of fitting into other people’s lives, sometimes without me knowing. That’s why I love writing so much. The songs can live out there forever floating around, doing their thing!

Every once in a while it’s nice to give them a little push again and find ways to gain some momentum for a few weeks or months. Over the next few weeks, I am going to dedicate some time to this song to see what I can achieve with it. I’ll keep you posted on what I find, things that work, things that don’t and make an #sRated report on what I managed to do!


‘Dance With Me’

‘Dance With Me’

I never in a million years thought as I was writing ‘Dance With Me’ that it would become popular as a wedding song. It makes sense I suppose as it about love and companionship. I am very humbled to know that so many couples use the song for their wedding ceremonies and first dances. Here are the lyrics and chords to the song: Enjoy singing or playing along.

Verse 1

(A) If every star was to fall from the sky, there would still be you

(D) Dreams are more beautiful when there is you

(A) And every place you go, I want to go too

(D) I am much better when I’m with you

(E) So take me (D) back to where the (A) borders meet

(E) And watch the (D) sunset trace the (Bm) shadows of our (A) feet


(D) Dance with me (E) tonight (A)

(Bm) Put your arms in (E) mine and lose (A) all sense of time

(D) Yes dance with me (E) tonight (A) – (E)

In the (Bm) darkness we’ll (Fsharp) find our (E) way back into the (A) night

Verse 2

(A) Whenever the light in my heart starts to fade, you give me yours

(D) You give me strength to carry on when I have no more

(A) There’s always a place for me in your arms anytime of day

(D) Through the good and the bad we’ll get there (A) I hear you say

(E) So take me (D) back to where the (A) borders meet

(E) And watch the (D) sunset trace the (Bm) shadows of our (A) feet