“The soundtrack of my deepest fears.” Why now was the right time to release my new single. #NALLY

nally-mysilentnight-1450pxLet me introduce you to ‘My Silent Night’, a song I wrote a few years ago but was waiting on the right time to release it. The song was three quarters of the way through the production stage when I pressed pause on it. That was November 2013 and I was exhausted. I didn’t have the energy or interest to release the new songs I had begun writing and producing so I put everything on hold and trusted that I’d know when the time was right for me to release the song.

Fast forward three more years and with a renewed energy and a deeper sense of understanding of myself, I am happy and proud to share ‘My Silent Night’ with you. It’s an eerie little song, definitely a lot more moodier and ambient than my previous singles. It’s inspired by the traditional ‘Silent Night’ that we all know. I thought it would be cool to take the idea and structure of the original and create something alternative, something dark. The song begins with whispering. I actually recorded myself saying ‘You’re not good enough’ backwards, which was good fun even though it was tricky. The producer Martin Quinn then decided to reverse that phrase again to really mess things up. Recording this song was so much fun. I didn’t want to create something for radio, I just wanted to create something that was totally me and to my surprise it all came out a little off centre and a lot less mainstream. I have to say, I’m very happy with that. Creating easily digestible, popular music to get on the radio is fine in the case where someone asks you to write a catchy hook or phrase that stays with the listener for hours, days maybe. But I just wanted to make something that was interesting to me. Maybe it’s the music nerd in me. I’m happy to know the little secrets behind the various layers of the music. Even if no-one else gets it, I do and I’m more than happy to share the detail with anyone who asks. It may all seem a little selfish but I wanted to be able to stand over my new releases and say, yes as weird and wacky as it may be, they were my choices and my preferences.

My first few years releasing music taught me I could handle the mainstream stuff. I know how to put together a good pop song. But as an artist in my own right ie. NALLY, I didn’t want to do that anymore. Plus let’s not beat around the bush here, I’m a lot older now. When I made my first EP, I was 27 and then at 30 I left my job to focus on writing and releasing music. I’m now 37 and while I don’t see that as a bad thing, I am inevitably more aware of who I am as a songwriter and also as an artist. I deliberately separate the two now. In the beginning, it was all the one; an experiment in music.

Before signing off, I’d just like to explain what ‘My Silent Night’ means for me. I already explained that I pressed pause on releasing it in 2013 when it was well into the production stages. While I had gone through a tough few years up until then with short bouts of burnout and depression, the song never felt more attached to me as it did when I found out this year that my body wasn’t exactly working efficiently enough for me to have children without the help of specialists. It took months for the news to sink in and while I am still a long way from understanding how I feel about it, I know that my whole identity took a knock. The one role in life that we feel is a given, a certainty, a role we put off stepping into while we define ourselves in our careers.. All of a sudden, I hadn’t a clue who I was or what I was meant to do. And that is exactly what ‘My Silent Night’ stands for. It will mean something different for other people and that’s great. I love that about music. But for me personally it’s about my identity and the if’s and buts I now have in my life since I got that news. Some fears are temporary and some last much longer. I am a very positive person in life but I also learned over the years that we need to honour all our emotions, sit with them and accept that they are there so that we can find a way to feeling better in ourselves.

And here my friends is my musical take on what those fears and anxieties sound and feel like. Hope you enjoy… (this is a free link to listen to the track but if you would like to support it further, you can purchase it on iTunes for 99cent or any good digital stores. Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music etc) Links below..


PS. Have a close look at the artwork. Maybe now that you know the background, the contents of the image will make sense.










‘Ballad of the Tiger’

Ballad of the Tiger – The Video!

In a few days time, I will release a song I wrote called ‘Ballad of the Tiger’. It started as a poem but I decided to make it into a song to give people a means to come together and grieve for the things that have been difficult over the past few years in Ireland but also to share all our hope for our futures here or abroad. I hope that the song gives people a chance to come to terms with all that has happened. We are in it together, all over Ireland and abroad..

I am putting together a simple lyric video for the song and I am hoping to use some of your pictures in it. All you need to do is take a picture of any lyric from the song (see below) written/painted/printed (anything goes) by you onto any surface you wish. Remember it is a photo, not a video. It may not be possible to use all images sent to us but we will do our best to showcase all that were sent it one way or another!! Also, by sending in the image you are giving permission for the use of the image on YouTube and other social media etc. Here are the lyrics, choose whichever line you like best and scribble it down somewhere, take a pic and send it to mcnallysinead@hotmail.com

Thanks xx

We’ve all been a little bit down

We’ve taken a beating but we never made a sound

All the bruises and marks on our skin are sinking in

Building dreams by digging holes

Concrete fields and showhomes

Forgotten dreams now its all gone to waste

On the ghost estates

They spent they lied we lost and we cried together

Savings schemes government bonds

They kept on giving until it was gone

No convictions for the debt that they caused

We took it all

A nations loss is another ones gold

They sit round tables and they tell us what we owe

But it’s you and me and the people next door who feel it more

They spent they lied we lost and we cried together

Lining up instead of clocking in

Moving out instead of moving in

All we own for sale on the cheap to make ends meet

We carry on as our loved ones disappear

For a better life in a place overseas

Two clocks ticking on the wall telling times abroad

They spent they lied we lost and we cried together

They spent they lied but we’ll work, we’ll rise together

They spent they lied but we’ll work, we’ll rise together