New song snippets…

This weekend, I thought it would be nice to sit at the piano and share snippets of some of the new material I have been writing. I have chosen three songs to share little sections of with you today – ‘Digging Holes’, ‘Put it in a Box’ and ‘A Million Hearts’. All of the songs need a little tug here and there, words need changing, bridges need fixing etc but at just over 8 minutes long, this little Soundcloud link should cover the time it takes to sit back with a cuppa and enjoy a little break!

New Song Snippets


The music blog you can’t do without… #aristake

Ari’s Take

Over the past four years of my career in the music ‘biz’, I have found Ari Herstand’s blog to be an absolute haven of brilliant advice for independent artists. Ari has been there, done that when it comes to every aspect of the independent musician’s life and he happily shares that information and advice via his blog posts. He has had some great successes along the way and he has also learned a lot the hard way. Thankfully he is kind enough to share those good and bad experiences with the rest of us!

One of the toughest things about being in this industry is the competitiveness, everyone scrambling for the same spots, the same recognition etc and Ari is an example of someone who believes it is better for the industry going forward to look out for one another, to advise and to support, something that is rare from what I have seen so far! He also makes it clear that it is a very exciting time in the music industry and you can’t help but feel reassured and inspired after reading his posts. He also delivers some straight up do’s and don’ts when it comes to managing various aspects of your career and I have found it to be supportive, informative and encouraging.

I have been meaning to post about Ari’s Take for some time now so get yourself a cuppa or a beer/vino and take some time out to listen to his music, check out the blog and prepare to become addicted. Sign up for updates, become a patron and get a shout out in return!

“We are all in this together!” – ARI HERSTAND


Songwriting – It’s not all about ME, it’s all about YOU….


As someone who started out songwriting at 11, not knowing how I was actually doing it, I wrote to make MYSELF feel better, to tell MY stories, to share MY experience!! No, I didn’t accidently leave the caps key on, I wanted you to see that back then it was ALWAYS ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending an IMRO songwriting afternoon with a hit songwriter called Ralph Murphy. (See links below) Ralph has a very interesting story and some pretty hot credits to his name across many genres with literally a whole life experience in the music industry. Needless to say, he didn’t beat around the bush and he didn’t hold back. In an industry that involves so much ego and b******t, it was refreshing. My hands were shaking as I handed over one of two songs he was going to review from my catalogue. I remember writing in an older post how your songs are like your kids – you create them, you nurture them and then when the time comes, you let them out into the big bad world! So, inevitably you form an attachment to them and as I reflect now, possibly an unhealthy, slightly obsessive attachment to them. I didn’t really want him to find faults in my songs. I really wanted him to love them as much as I did…. But then boom, out of nowhere, a five minute critique suddenly becomes a whole lifetime of “aaahhhhhhh of course, now I understand…”

Whilst it’s a bitter bill to swallow hearing that there is room for improvement to lyrics or melodies that you thought you couldn’t improve on, it was the reasons why they had to be improved that helped me to swallow that big, bitter songwriting pill. There were many reasons, many interesting and “ah of course” reasons but one reason that really stood out to me and made me think from a different side of the coin is the fact that it’s always all about you. (‘you’ being the listener)

In order to fall in love with MY song, YOU must feel like it is all about YOU, that my details are in fact YOUR details, that my melody is in fact YOUR melody. You don’t care about my story or where the song came from or who the guy was that broke my heart or stole my car, why should you? Whatever the time of day, whatever it is you are doing, that song that comes on the radio that you will connect to, tells your story, not mine. I learned so many valuable things over a couple of hours that had me rushing to the piano with a pen to ‘re-write, re-place, re-assemble’ and it actually feels like the wool has been pulled from over my eyes.

From uses of pronouns, to word meters to just getting over myself, that afternoon was without doubt a big learning curve in something I thought I had pretty much perfected. Whilst it was a little shock to all our systems initially, there is a great sense of freedom and excitement in moving on with that knowledge!

“Hits aren’t written, they are re-written” – Raphy Murphy.