‘When the Lights Go Down’ OUT NOW!

I’m beyond excited to share my new single ‘When the Lights Go Down’ with you all!! The new music has been existing in my heart for the last three years and now it’s finally time to share it.

I’ve returned to recording and releasing music with a sense of freedom and ease. After so much disappointment with repeated failed fertility treatments, I just wanted to create music that didn’t have any pressure or expectation.

The music industry is a tough nut. It can actually be extremely frustrating and soul destroying, always looking for more. More listeners, more plays, more streams, more gigs, more ticket sales, you get the gist. And with so many fertility treatments that made me feel so inadequate and so unfulfilled, I absolutely refuse to go back down that rabbit hole with my music.

My plan is to enjoy the process and try to detach from expectation. Composing music is fulfilling and each piece or song is another little addition to the world that hopefully brings someone else a bit of joy along the way!!

I hope you enjoy ‘When the Lights Go Down’. My shortest, simplest song so far!

Thank you for tuning in and feel free to connect with me on socials x

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