A Moment of Music Magic – RAE MORRIS ‘Cold’

Every now and again, I come across something that completely stops me in my tracks, so much so that everything I had planned to do goes out the window and I lose myself in a little moment of music magic!

Yesterday, through some internet search or another I discovered Rae Morris and this track ‘Cold’. I love everything about it and I am very inspired by the production in the track. It’s quite simply perfect in so many ways.. I imagine she is going to excel and make a massive impact in the music world throughout 2015.

Check out her new album Unguarded here: RAE MORRIS – Unguarded


Irish Bands on Spotify!!

Irish Bands on Spotify

Delighted to see this new playlist Irish Bands on Spotify! Lovely selection of music already in there and I’m sure this will really grow! Get behind the folk who run this and make suggestions, follow the playlist and let’s get more Irish music streamed and heard throughout the world! Follow them on Twitter on @irishbandsonsp